The Importance of UPS

Published: 22nd June 2010
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First of all, what is UPS power? UPS stands for uninterruptable power supply - something that we would all like to get access to. While our power supply works well most of the time there are always blackouts that are caused by storms, traffic accidents if the car goes into a power pole, or simply by faults in the grid or power plant. We've learned to live with them - but our computers have not.

Computers are delicate pieces of machinery that can suffer great damage if they suddenly have the power pulled. Not only is there data lost, but the internal workings of the computer are affected. Sometimes they blow up; other times they die. Or they may endure a lingering death as parts get worn over time and finally expire.

To prevent such a calamity, you need to plug your computer into a simple powerware device called an UPS system. It is essentially a small battery that keeps the power supply on for long enough for you to switch off the computer safely when there is a sudden blackout. Better still, it also protects your computer from those many small brown-outs or flickers that we often don't even notice. Brown-outs are often accompanied by a surge of power when the power comes back on or flickers. An UPS system is also a surge protector because it will protect you from both too much and not enough power.

Once you plug your UPS systems into the power point and attach your computer to the other end, you may be surprised at how often the alarm will sound, notifying you of a power failure. Often the power will come back on so quickly you won't even have to shut down your computer.

But had you not had the UPS on, your computer would have suddenly gone off and you would have to restart it - if you could. Then you would have found half your hard work missing. But when you have a power surge protector you have no need to worry because your computer and your work are both protected.

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